Co-founder and COO

Kevon Cheung

Kevon is the COO and Co-founder of First Code Academy, an education and technology company providing tailored coding programs for kids aged 4 to 18 years old in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. First Code Academy’s mission is to empower the next generation to become creators of technology.

Kevon's passion for technology started at the age of 14 when he was tinkering on the Internet and built a number of websites that attracted thousands of users. He later attended Babson College in the United States to major in Entrepreneurship, which convinced him that to make an impact on the world, it requires taking lead and creating true values. Prior to First Code Academy, Kevon was a Software Engineer in Singapore writing code for web and mobile products. With his mix of business and technical background, he now focuses on Operations, People Operations, and Software Engineering at First Code Academy.

Kevon speaks regularly at schools, events, and conferences about how everyone can get involved in inspiring young kids to explore technology and coding. When not at work, he is likely reading a book or running outdoors.

ABC Things I Care About:

  • "A"ccelerating growth of myself and people around me
  • "B"uilding a sustainable company with a unique culture
  • "C"reating positive impact in the world