Educator turn Content Creator

Kevon Cheung

Hello all! I am a content creator in the topics of marriage, pregnancy, and parenting. I believe that more and more Millennial Dads would love to get involved in these topics, but there is simply not enough knowledge and information out there for Dads to learn. Go to a bookstore near you and you'll find 99% of the parenting books catered to moms. Time has changed, and it is time for Dads to be hands on at home.

I am not an expert in these fields, and I'm learning just like anybody else. With my learnings, I create content on my Youtube channel and Instagram account to share with other Dads and Moms.

Previously, I was a K-12 educator in technology education. I was the Co-founder and COO of First Code Academy, a global education and technology company providing tailored coding programs for kids aged 4 to 18 years old in cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and many more. From my educational experience, I realized parents are the best educators in a kid's life and the best education start from basic parenting. My goal is to use technology to share how parents can become "the educators" of their kids' lives and have fun together.

I speak regularly at schools, events, and conferences about education, technology and coding which you can find out more here. When not at work, I am likely to be reading a book, running family errands, and running or cycling outdoors.