Kevon Cheung

An entrepreneurial mind specialized in growing early-stage businesses

My story isn't that long, but let me start by telling you something. A lot of people started their entrepreneurial journeys since young, perhaps by selling candies or instant noodles to schoolmates. For me, I was never an entrepreneurial kid. I was quite the opposite, I was the student who lived by boundaries. I couldn't recall when, but at some point in my life (most likely at Babson College), I became obsessed with the idea of creating businesses, bringing true values to people, and having an impact on the world.

My passion for technology started at the age of 14 when I was tinkering on the Internet and built a number of websites that attracted thousands of users. I attended Babson College in the United States to major in Entrepreneurship & Finance. Then I became a Software Engineer in Singapore writing code for web and mobile products.

I spent 4 years at First Code Academy, a technology education company providing coding programs for kids aged 4 to 18 years old across Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. When I joined First Code, we had 5 people in Hong Kong and by the time I left my active role, we had 35 full-time and about 50 part-time globally.

Currently, I am the CEO of Toasty, an intelligent business matchmaking platform that connects event attendees to the right people and conversations. The platform uses AI technology and its matching algorithm to help professionals nurture meaningful business relationships at large-scale events.

I have covered a lot of areas in running a business, including developing new markets, recruiting and training, setting up operations, developing business opportunities, managing finance and accounts, writing code and automating processes, mentoring team members etc. I was promoted to COO and was invited to become the co-founder of the company. All of this I credit to my life motto: Comfort is the Enemy of Growth.

Having been on the management team, here is my little summary:
I ENJOY: Be Humble & Be Fair, Develop People, Innovate with Technology, Build Sustainable Systems to Achieve Growth, Nurture Positive Company Culture
NOT MY CUP OF TEA: Too Much Ego, Self-centeredness, Lack of Transparency & Communication, Absence of Automation, Short-sighted

I speak regularly at schools, events, and conferences about business, education, technology and coding which you can find out more here. When I'm not working on something, I am likely to be reading on my Kindle, running or cycling outdoors, organizing Babson alumni events or entrepreneurial meetups with "the Circle of Ants", or playing with kids.