From my other post from last night, well technically this morning, I set up some 2013 resolutions for myself in the area of traveling and going out at night. I’m gonna add more in this post to review at the end of this year how many of those I achieve. A lot of times I will have goals like “keep a regular gym routine”, and I figure those generic goals never worked. Therefore, I’m going to go with some specific ones.

This post will stick to my front page so that I can remind myself from time to time.

  • No traveling until summer. If Sponfed is doing well with stable income, one trip is allowed;
  • No more Macau in 2013;
  • Going out only once every two weeks;
  • Join a public competition - February 24, 2013 Standard Chartered Marathon 10km (finished in 57:42);
  • Master in Ruby on Rails and build at least two web applications on my own;
  • Master in HTML5 and CSS3;
  • Learn about a new friend’s life or career story per month;
  • Read at least one book a month;