Week 2 has come to an end, and I name the past five days the Week of Appreciation. So far it has been a journey from ground zero, kind of like starting from a kindergarden and slowly migrate to primary school then secondary school. We have picked up ruby, html, sinatra, and postgresql. I am thankful that I get to learn from the basics because that is something I couldn’t really do by myself. Flashback to the beginning of 2013, I taught myself how to build simple website with ruby on rails, and it was a tough road. I document my progress here. Yeah great, it was amazing, the site looks great because I know html and css. But what is the secret sauce inside? I had no clue back then, and that’s why I’m so so so grateful that I get to learn from the basics, it definitely shapes the concept 200 times better. I don’t want to just follow tutorials and build things, I want to truly understand each line of code and what it does, that’s what a true developer does.

PostgreSQL was easy to use with Rails. Simply rails generate bla bla bla and set each column and its type, BOOM, DONE! I didn’t know a line of SQL, and this past week I built a few programs that wrote SQL to create, read, update, and delete data from database. SQL is annoying but it is amazing. I finally get to realize.

Another thing I want to reflect on is debugging. Throughout the course, I’ve been debugging my own program every single day, and I have helped a few other students to find out what is interrupting the program to run properly. Debugging makes the lesson more meaningful, and helping other students really help me to grasp the concept better and be able to explain it in an easy-to-understand way. I believe this is also an essential element being a developer.

17% of the course is done. I’m feeling extremely good about it. The goal of next week is to do more self-study outside classroom, perhaps building something using API from my favorite app Instagram. Cheers.