"ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow"

Next week will be a new start for my career as I will be traveling to New York City for an intensive 12-week web development program with General Assembly (GA). For me, the program is a lesson, an adventure, and also a step towards my dream. As you’ve probably read in my past posts, I’ve always wanted to be a web developer, building slick, functional, and fun applications for people to play with. I wanted to build sites like Airbnb, Buzzfeed, Says, and RoomReveal, and more importantly, fun projects like 8tracks and Represent.sg. Nothing gives me more pleasure than creating something from scratch and seeing it evolves into a beautifully designed and functional application.

Well, GA also offers the same course in Hong Kong, yet due to unforeseeable reason, the course is postponed to September. I remembered telling Allison, the GA coordinator in Hong Kong, that I would consider traveling 8000 miles to do the course in Boston or New York because I CANNOT WAIT. A lot of people who are interested in the course might take it to pick up a new skill, or because it is the new trend, but for me, I’ve been teaching myself how to code for the past few months, and I cannot procrastinate for another few months but to dive deep into this field right now. I know this is what I love doing and this is where my passion lies, I can see myself doing this as my career. Therefore, I made up my decision to return to the land I love and picked up this new challenge. What I want to achieve from this program is to search for a startup (an idea) I love and be part of it as a junior developer!

In the next few months, since I will only be surrounded by my course mates and codes, this blog will serve as my diary to the immersive web development course. I will be taking notes on the overall experience and new things I learn, it will be a heck of an experience living in NYC by myself, sitting in front of my laptop everyday, and stuffing my brain with new knowledge! I cannot wait, seriously.

Good luck to myself!