"Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill"

Since graduated about four and a half months ago, I have been planning on a path towards entrepreneurship. I have heard a wide range of advice along the way, some suggesting me to get “real experience” first, others, about my age, would praise how bold I am. Right, I have chosen the path where failure happens quite frequently, and lots of people do give up after awhile, but this path presents lots of learning opportunities for a fresh grad like me. Just to name a few things I’ve already done or learned in the past few months: talking to endless strangers, networking, getting advice and feedback on a new business concept, evaluating the pros and cons of different approaches to business decisions, meeting potential partners and learning how to read who’s a good guy and who’s a bad guy, learning how to prioritize things and doing the important ones first….. bla bla bla. This list can easily go on and on, yet my passion and motivation will fuel me for the more stuff thats coming. After about a month of soft launch, the business is still raw and undeveloped. It does take time to create something, don’t let failure stop you.