It has been awhile since I wrote my last blog post, and this is because I was spending a lot of time building my first legit ruby program, a stock exchange simulator that allows clients to purchase stocks with real-time market price for multiple portfolios. This program really pieces all the ruby concepts together for me, a better use of arrays and hash, a lot of if else statements, and a lot of methods. The most challenging part of the program is how to do Test Driven Development and write codes that are easy to read and maintain, and I certainly can improve my codes by adding in helper method. If you would like to check out my source code, please visit Stock Exchange on my Github.

Other than working on the Stock Exchange program, I also attended my first meetup in NYC with Code Crew! On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a bunch of developers, new or experienced, gathered in a bar on the 34th street and shared information. I met a few new friends and found out that one of the organizers was actually an alum at our WDI program! This meetup is useful in a sense that experienced developers can share what tools they use to speed up the development time, or even sit together to hack for a bit. It was a fantastic gathering and I’m happy to be part of it in this city.

Okay, and this is week 2 already, now we are picking up HTML, CSS, and Sinatra. This must be an easy week for me since I have been playing with HTML/CSS since I was 14 or 15 years old, and Sinatra I’ve heard a lot about it before, but since I’ve been using Rails, I never really used it. It’s not a difficult framework to implement anyway.

What I’m looking forward this week is tonight there will be another meet up called Hack Fest, where about 75 people come together and hack together! Also, I plan to join a Hackathon this weekend to just get more exposure to real projects. It will be fun, I know! I’m so excited.

During this past weekend, I was actually looking forward to Monday where I can be learning and coding again. I mean, this feeling never hit me, or anyone I’m sure, in school! This is what it feels like when you’re doing something you love, and you don’t mind doing more of it! I’ve always known that I have a passion for web development (otherwise why would I be putting together websites when I was 15?), but this moment was still magical!