"don't wait until it is too late"

I’m a die hard fan of white rice. I’m serious, I consume four bowls of rice everyday, two for lunch and two for dinner. It is kind of ridiculous considering how much carbs and calorie it contains. Yesterday I made a decision to reduce my consumption in rice for dinner and switch to a high protein meal. I never hate dry chicken breast, so it is not as painful for me, and I want to show you guys what I ate last night for dinner:

  1. Two pieces of chicken breast, marinated and roasted in oven for 25 minutes;
  2. Half can of tuna;
  3. Lots of lettuce iceberg to wrap chicken and tuna!

Canned tuna is quite hard to take in with the smell and texture it has, but it is still manageable.

Why did I do this?

Well, many of my friends and I have been focusing on lifting weights and building the muscles, things we usually neglect are the cardio exercises and the healthy diet we should have along side with those liftings. And so I started following a series of Mike Chang’s exercises and building up a healthy food consumption plan. This is the cardio exercise I’ve been doing, it is MAD intense! Also, when I got hungry, I never eat any snacks, just water and fruits! I hope this will work out well for me!

If you feel like losing your beer belly, join me today!