"life is too short not to try everything"

Last night, I had an amazing dinner with my family at this restaurant called 四川菜大平伙 SiChuan Da Ping Huo. Why was it so amazing? Simply because the food was spicy and yummy and the price was way beyond reasonable. For $320 (+10% SC) per person, you get to enjoy the authentic sichuan cuisine!

Using simple ingredient such as eggplant, potato, tofu, Da Ping Huo brought out the best side of them. Well, and I realized a restaurant can really relate to business or startup (because restaurant is a business of course haha). Having luxurious ingredients is like having a brilliant business idea. To become a popular restaurant, it is not plainly just serving wagyu beef or shark fin to your customers, it is the way you cook and the love chef and staff together put in. The same concept applies to a startup, having the most brilliant idea does not guarantee you success and fame. Everything got to start small and grow as time goes, it is how much effort you put in and how well the execution is. Value of what it is is far less important to how it is and why it is.

This What-How-Why reminds me of an inspiring talk by Simon Sinek, who conveyed a powerful marketing technique to all of us. When we try to bring out a message, we should always start with Why, then How, then What. Tell people why you want to do this and spread the message emotionally. Definitely worth checking it out.