When I first thought of blogging about my tech adventure and sharing some code, I considered Wordpress and Tumblr because of their powerful system and following function respectively. I went with Tumblr because it was a bit more simple to use, until I started putting code in my blog post and everything got messy.

As I go on my tech journey, I found out about Octopress which is a blogging framework for hackers. It does take some technical skills to install and get it running, but it is the perfect blogging system to share code. Therefore, it’s time to transfer my blog posts from Tumblr to Octopress. A few reasons why as a hacker, you should also use Octopress.

###1. Require no database, load in lightning speed Each blog post in Octopress is stored in individual markdown file, which is essentially text file. There is no need to go into database and grab data, thus it is ideal for blogs that only consist of text blog post.

###2. Syntax detection for code When you share code, you can specify a code block and define the language you’re writing. The syntax automatically matches in the outcome. Fabulous.

###3. Use Git to deploy Only one line of command is required to generate a new blog post, then go into Sublime Text to write it. And another line of command to deploy. Can you tell me an easier way than this?

###4. Free hosting by Github Pages Octopress can be hosted on Github Pages with no cost, it is because all the markdown files do not take up a lot of space. It is very nice of Github to offer us hackers this service!

If you’re ready to launch your own Octopress blog now, check out the documentation here. The official one has error in it.