"Don't build a CRUD app!"

Finally, I heard someone saying this, “Don’t build a CRUD app!” It was David, the guy who is leading GA engineering team, who said that. I cannot agree more to this statement when it comes to deciding what project WDI students should build, and that’s exactly what I did in my first project. I created The Finale which is a music game that players have to choose the genre for the songs. The main reason why I decided to go for a game was because I did not want to build a CRUD app. CRUD app (create, read, update, and destroy) means an application that stores in data and display it back, and 99.999% of CRUD apps are user-generated content with no algorithm in behind. Therefore, it basically means anyone could build it, and there is no programming challenge.

I am still a little disappointed about my first game because even though it is a game, there is no algorithm in the back end. It is purely just a multiple choice engine. If any of you decides to go into a coding program, make sure you come with some ideas of what to build. Don’t approach this with a startup mindset, because lots of business ideas just require a CRUD app and then all you need to do is go out and get users. Think of something that could make use of data, analysis, and computation. Maybe a grahpic pretty way of displaying populations, or a special ranking system for soccer teams. It is when creativity kicks in … it’s time for me to squeeze out those creative juice as well.