"how far do you need to get to call yourself a web developer?"

I started picking up Web Development materials since the beginning of 2013, and I think I know quite a lot of resources out there that are available to use. I started building simple application, but more or less just a cms webpage, it was not something that requires a lot of engineering. I can make Wordpress websites that look good, and I can use Bootstrap or gem to make things happen. But the problem is, I cannot code a program from scratch…

Week 2 strikes me, from ruby to sinatra framework, I learned how to hand code the simplest web pages I’ve ever seen. What strikes me is that I dont think anyone can call himself a Web Developer unless he can code from scratch, and using external resources does not count. Nowadays, lots of people can build websites in a short period of time, lots of people know how to use templates, and lots of people can pretend they are Web Developers! I never called myself a Web Developer when I’m learning, simply because I don’t think I am qualified yet. After 7 days at WDI, with hand coding program, I finally feel like a Web Developer. I finally can talk like a developer, and think like one.

Today I also spent some time browsing around AngelList and noticed a lot of startups are hiring devs. These companies all have pretty brilliant ideas to work on, to disrupt the industry and create value. I was fascinated by the opportunities out there.