My Mind Library & Products

I build products that is centred around my mind, using transparency to influence people.

To help you become an inspiring builder and creator, I break it down to 3 key principles that have helped me in my journey.

Kevon's mind library consists of 3 parts

Mindset - "Building in Public"

#30DaysInPublic - A 30-day Challenge to Grow An Audience Through Your Authentic Voice

I run this cohort-based challenge to help builders, creators, and solopreneurs put themselves out there, build their authentic brands, and curate a following.

I've identified people learn the best when they can pick up bite-sized content and take actions with a small group of friends for accountability and support. And this is how I design the challenge to help them build in public.

30DaysInPublic Challenge

Public Lab - A Private Community for Building in Public

I run Public Lab to provide a safe space for builders to learn and support one another. The focus of the community is on discovering and learning techniques around "public mindset", audience building, and storytelling.

On top of having an async community platform, there are curated resources, guest speakers, and community activities for members to take part.

Public Lab Community

Building in Public Definitive Guide - A Free 9-chapter Guide

I wrote this free guide or eBook to share the underlying fundamentals and strategies behind Building in Public.

I want people to understand it as a core business strategy and not as a method to self-promote.

Building in Public Definitive Guide

Soft Skills - "Interacting in Public"

Making Twitter Friends - A Free 7-Day Email Course

Many people only care about hacking to grow their Twitter audience. For me, I care more about the genuine relationships that I've built on Twitter.

I want to teach people new to Twitter a meaningful way to use the social platform.

Grow your Twitter by building genuine & meaningful relationships

Growing Twitter with Human Psychology - A Blog Post

I don't recommend people to hack Twitter growth, but it is a must to be tactical to get started to increase your chance of success.

I wrote this blog post to share how I got a jumpstart in 8 weeks.

How I Grow My Twitter Audience with Human Psychology

Hard Skills - "Storytelling in Public"