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December 23, 2020

Hello to my 21 subscribers,

It is humbling for me to know that there are 21 of you (woh! Cozy) who want to read what I write. "Why on earth would you give me 7 minutes of your time every week? Are you crazy?"

It is not Thanksgiving, but I'm grateful about this (and all of you), given I just started a few weeks ago.

Ok about my life, I'm absolutely getting more and more excited, because we're only 10 days away from welcoming Avery to life. Not the most perfect time in the world, but hey, there is never perfect timing (hey wise man).

If you ask me how I feel - I'd say the excitement is getting stronger day by day. I can't imagine what it'd be like when she arrives, probably just me staring at her all day like this?

Kevon attending a baby class
This is me taking a newborn class to learn the basics.

Who are you?

If you're one of the 21 subscribers, I really would get to know you a bit more. Would you take a minute to email me back and share? This will be our cozy little chat.

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My Prediction of the Newsletter Trend

If you're reading this newsletter, you'd know that Kevon started writing a newsletter, John the neighbor started a newsletter, Auntie Alice started a newsletter, everyone is starting a newsletter.

Email newsletters, once thought of as unfashionable, are now the hottest. Why? Because information channels are overly crowded and messy, and everyone wants a direct channel to other people. Ads, social media - too much noise.

But now that there are so many newsletters, by the way I'm starting to unsubscribe some of mine, I predict that we'll all be selecting who we want to read from more carefully. For writers and creators, it will get harder to reach new audiences because email is not a notification that you can ignore, an email requires a direct action to read/delete, so people tend to take more steps to safeguard their inbox.

Similar to the YouTube rise, I predict that as the channel gets saturated, top quality writers will receive more attention. Those who are just throwing together links and articles in their newsletter will have no edge.

And this is why I insist on writing long-form blog posts. Because I believe the real value of knowledge stays with words that can inspire people to take actions, and frankly, that's hard to do in a newsletter.

Which brings us to ...

[Blog Post] How to Get More Time in Your Day: Fighting Decision Fatigue

This week I want to talk about how my family teases me.

I always eat boiled chicken breast, broccoli, and pasta for lunch, so they think I'm boring.

But what they don't know, is that I am choosing my battle in decision making to boost my productivity.

I'm a productivity nerd and I hate wasting time, so I am happy to sacrifice some parts of life to focus my time on doing what I truly love.

If you're interested in my thoughts about extracting more time out of my day and fighting decision fatigue, I share more in my latest blog post.

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