Bye 2020, I Turned 30, Lessons Learned

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December 30, 2020


2nd last day of 2020 and I'm so ready to wave goodbye to this year. Not just because it was such a bad year (I actually think a lot of us gained a lot this year as well), but because my daughter Avery is arriving in 3 days!

If I tell you I'm not nervous and excited, I'd be lying. But do you know why I'm nervous?

1) I'm scared of blood, so thinking about the moment of birth is a little nerve wrecking. My wife and I keep joking about me fainting in the delivery room.

2) I don't know if you've heard of a concept where babies born in the 1st half of the year tend to have advantage in their childhood. Because if you take a whole group of kids (born Jan to Dec), Jan babies are months older than the other babies, as they're bigger and their brains are slightly more developed.

So if Avery comes out earlier in 2020 instead of Jan 2, 2021, it'd be a bummer. I don't see myself as a tiger parent, but this sort of scientific, life hack is what I love.

Annual review of 2020? Nah.

At this time of the year, everyone is posting their annual review and new year goals.

If you've read my article about goal setting, you'd know that I stop planning annual goals. They're a waste of time. I much prefer achievable short-term goals for 14 or 28 days that you can celebrate. (But, I still plan my new year theme)

Instead, since I turned 30 this year, and I just spent the last 2 months refocusing myself. I wrote down my biggest lessons at this point of my life.

When I was young, my mum highlighted to me that the 20s are for discovering and the 30s are for going full speed, so these hard learned lessons will help guide me to walk my next decade of life.

Let's go.

8 Lessons as I Turned 30

Here are the 8 most important lessons in my 20s that led me to living a fruitful life so far. I'm surely looking forward to the next decade!

And lastly, happy holidays to all of you. Thank you for being part of my life. I'll see you all in 2021 with Avery's cute face.

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