Don't Follow Advice From Other Entrepreneurs

Sunday Beam #


June 6, 2021

Good Sunday 🌞!

My 31st birthday is coming in 3 days! My wife and family have been taking me out for dinner these few days, and my wishes are super repetitive.

Healthy, happy, live a meaningful life - that's all I want for the people around me, including you of course! 🙏🙏

🌤 One newsletter to two newsletters

I'm always reviewing where I spend my time because I'm running everything solo. I'm going to create a new newsletter under Public Lab, and this newsletter will cover all techniques and advice around growing as an authentic entrepreneur. My goal is to send 2-3 each month.

And Sunday Beam will be more about my sharing of my building journey. It is more personal and reflective. It will become bi-weekly.

This way, I'm producing the same amount of content, yet the new Public Lab newsletter allows me to focus more on effectively helping other entrepreneurs. And sometimes I run out of things to say here on Sunday Beam, so why force myself to send once a week? Frequency is not the point, valuable content is.

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🤫 Going against what they say

I took 2 hours out of Friday to consume content.

I couldn't help to think about the advice given by many entrepreneurs to "create more and consume less". I don't fully agree.

I wondered and expressed why people preach it and when it is a bad time to follow this advice.

👉 I wrote a blog post: Don't Follow Advice From Other Entrepreneurs

💡 Inspirations

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