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Sunday Beam #


July 4, 2021

Good Sunday 🌞!

As we say goodbye to the first half of 2021, it is a little scary, isn't it?

It means we have only 6 months left to get to our annual goals! 💢

But I'm not sweating it.

This is because I believe if I review my progress honestly every single month, I will get there. Sweating it doesn't make achieving goals easier. Reflecting does.

I had my 1st retrospective silent writing hour with the Public Lab members. It was a little awkward at first knowing someone is watching me as I reflected and wrote, but soon I just focused on my own. And I got a lot done.

In order to work my way to my 2021 goals, I did a "pre-mortem" analysis. I asked myself: "If I fail my annual goals, what leads the failure?"

🌻 You can take a look at my June 2021 Retrospective & Income Report.

🌱 Do it super super slow

I was having a great video conversation with the amazing Sam Tackeff. When most entrepreneurs seem to be hustling and rushing, I was talking to her about how I enjoy taking things super slow.

She asked, "How did you learn to do that?"

I went blank. At that very moment, I didn't know. But my mind started running its engine and after about 20 seconds, I figured out how.

In 2019-2020, I was given 7-digits USD to start a software startup. My investors trusted me to learn quickly and make it work.

The thing was ... I actually hadn't built anything significant in my life before that.

My "post-mortem" analysis told me that it was the main cause of failure. I simply didn't know what it takes to build up a startup that can raise more money and join the million dollar MRR party 😞

In fact, I probably wasn't even equipped to build a $100k MRR company because I hadn't built a $10k MRR company yet.

It is like running a marathon.

If I want to join a 100km marathon, I first need to conquer 50km. To run 50km, I need to be able to do 20km.

But being able to finish is not enough, I have to finish in a relatively good condition before moving to the next level. Let's say if I feel like passing out after finishing a 20km, I don't think I'm ready for 50km 😅

That's the lesson of taking things super slow.

If I focus on the 20km half marathon, I can learn the techniques and prepare my body for it. And it is the ONLY way to prepare - by living through it. I sort out the challenges for 20km first, then I'm well prepared to tackle 50km.

For me to take a big leap to run a venture-backed startup with a big ambition wasn't a logical step. I didn't have the mental and physical (skill) readiness.

So when I'm now sitting at around $2k monthly revenue for Public Lab, I'm confident I'll get to $5k soon because I've been learning and getting ready every single day.

Are you currently tackling something that is a big leap from your mental and physical readiness? Is there a way to scale back to an achievable milestone and let the learnings unfold the next milestone gradually?

🚁 The fake Internet

I came across a blog post about how things are always harder than they look.

After just a few lines, I get what it is saying. It is true. Everything is sales and branding.

We all want to portray the best ever, confident, and flawless image on the Internet because we need that to attract others, particularly customers.

And that's why the grass is always greener on the other side.

This reminds us to not fall into believing another path is an easier road to take. 99.9% of the time, it is not easier. What we should do is to stick to our own path, navigate and learn, and overcome the challenges.

I also see something else here.

This just confirms that Building in Public is going to be the revolutionary approach to building an online brand. Honestly, we're all (the ones who are aware) tired of the perfect imagery. They're so fake! Now we're more drawn to things that seem real and true.

I asked a Public Lab member why he joined us. He told me "I want to get authenticity right" and I was thinking hard what my 1st advice to him could be.

Vulnerability! That's the 1st thing to get to!

When you start to share struggles, weaknesses, and flaws, you automatically add authenticity to your branding. You're showcasing the real and true you. You're getting out of the outdated fake Internet. And guess what, people trust you a lot more.

💡 Inspirations

Paul Graham - A Project of One's Own

As a father, I constantly think about the best way to raise my kid(s). And at the top of the list is always nurturing their abilities to be curious and to figure things out.

Jay Clouse - A lot of the people built in private BEFORE building in public.

I realize the entrepreneurs who do best in building in public are the ones who have a well-rounded skillsets and experience. They don't just code. They have done Product, Marketing, or even Sales in their career. These experiences help them maximize the impact of building in public.

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With my personal account being a mix of everything, I just want a place to document the evolution of Public Lab.

Twitter highlights the happenings in our community and Instagram captures that picture of those moments.

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