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Sunday Beam #


August 1, 2021

Good Sunday 🌞!

This explains my relationship with my daughter.

I'm kidding! We're so far so good 🤣

You know, I've intentionally re-designed my life to build an Internet business because I want to spend more time with my family.

So many parents these day just work and work and don't have time for their kids, that's sad! For some people, they don't have a choice. But for many, they choose to work instead of doing their parenting. I don't want to be them.

I've also come to realize that I'm very lucky to know the skills of how to start and run Internet businesses, so I have to make this work! 💪

Ahh ... another month went by - we have now 5 months left in 2021 🥴 How’s your project going?

Most of us love to rush into building and then launching our projects. We want to serve a lot of people and be successful! But often, the biggest obstacle is our credibility.

People are all busy these days, and to get them to give you a piece of their attention, trust and credibility play key roles!

So today, 2 things:

🛠 Trust and credibility trump marketing tactics

Everyone loves growth and hacks. We all love to check out stories like “this subject line got me 5x more open rates”.

The thing is - you need to write an amazing email subject line to trick people to open your email? Are you that unconfident about your content? 🙄

The truth is - if you’ve been known for good content (credibility), it doesn’t matter if your subject line sucks, people will still open because it comes from you!

So why do we love tactics & hacks more than ways to build trust and credibility? My guess is that we’re becoming less and less patient in the modern world. We want results quick and if not, move on.

However, credibility is your name, reputation, and life. Do you really want to rush it through?

If you’re working for someone, go ahead and be impatient. Because most things are not contributing to your credibility anyway. But if you’re building your own business, patience can go a long way.

🤝 The golden rule of starting a new relationship

I have this framework for online relationship building for myself.

Let me tell you exactly how I do it.

When I can foresee that I want to “ask” someone for something that is out of my reach, e.g. I don’t know her and she is a popular name, I’d reach out 1-2 months ago to say hi.

What do I say?

Nothing about I need his/her help! ⚡ I simply thank him/her for the great content, chat a bit, have a really casual conversation 🥂, help each other a little, and then I leave it.

I interact some more or even offer my help in small ways.

Then when I think it is the right time, I go in and “ask”, e.g. can you be my next event guest?

🌟 If you want to grow an audience, you have to know how to make friends.

🌟 If you want to make friends, you have to understand how human works.

We don’t like to be asked to do favors for strangers. “I’m so busy. Who are you to occupy my time?”

Funny enough, relationship building is also about patience.

So what am I telling you this week? Go 🐢 and be proud of it.

💡 Inspirations

Do things don’t scale, especially for community building

Your customers don’t see your competitors

Biggest learning of my week:Customers don't see competitors the same way as us 😱😱We think customers are choosing between us and competitors, but most customers haven't even heard of the closest competitors.They're comparing my offer vs what they're doing now 🤭

Want to grow an audience? Try getting fit first

I had my 1st online collab with Ash, the illustrator! We compare body building and audience building here, you'll be surprised how similar it is 💪

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