How I Hustled to $2K/mo and Got Rid of It

Sunday Beam #


October 3, 2021

Hey friends - Good Sunday 🌞!

As online entrepreneurs, we often have to make tough decisions.

Which project is worth keeping? Which one to stop? How do we know if we're making the right call?

We all know this is very hard. And this is why I'm always keen on sharing my decisions and thinking behind them, so that I can give you a new reference point to review your own journey.

So in the last few months, I've been running multiple paid products. I reached $2,000+ in monthly revenue and ... decided to take a step back. Many might question my decisions, but I'll let you decide how you think about it.

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⭐ Inspirations for You

✍ Many people simply don't write good tweets. Because they don't care about tweet formatting enough. I found this thread by Harsh Makadia to be very help!

🎭 We all need to name our digital products. And often we do a shitty job. I found these 2 threads & comments from Tiago Forte (here and here) to be mind-provoking to learn how to name better.

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