I Hit $10,000 Online Revenue

Sunday Beam #


December 5, 2021

Good Sunday 🌞!

Last month of 2021 - what is your big plan to wrap up the year strong?

While I was hard at work gearing up for a new cohort of Build in Public Mastery, I took some time to write up my Oct & Nov income report & retrospective.

This time is totally worth celebrating! Because ... I got to $10,000 revenue as a solo creator! 🎉🎉🎉

Kevon open dashboard
I pushed revenue to close to $0 in Oct and then hit >$4k in Nov

Well as a business, this number is peanuts. But I'm still happy because

  1. It is a completely new field for me. I'm starting from scratch 🤯
  2. I've never taught in my life & been iterating my way to create content or courses 🎢
  3. I started right before my baby was born. She is 11 months old now! 👶

If I can achieve $10k as a solopreneur online, I can do $50k next year, right? 🤣 Let's do it!

And with the usual Kevon's fashion, I'm sharing all numbers and learnings (including where my customers come from) with you all.

👉 Read my Oct & Nov Income Report & Retrospective

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✍ Currently I Am ...

Hey, this is likely the last Sunday Beam in 2021! To wrap up the year, I'll be mainly

So, if you've been reading my content and we don't know each other yet, this is time to say hi, maybe we can even get on a quick call to connect 😊

Happy holidays! Wish you and your family a great time 🌲🎁⭐

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