1st Year As a Creator & a Dad. 2021 Retrospective

Sunday Beam #


January 10, 2022

Happy New Year & Good Sunday 🌞!

I was able to take 2 full weeks off during the holidays and now I'm back working on my 2nd year as a creator.

I spent 7-8 hours writing up my 2021 annual retrospective. It is a little long, but that's because I have so many lessons I want to share with other creators and digital entrepreneurs.

In summary, this is what I achieved in 2021:

👶 Baby from 0 to 1
🙌 Twitter followers from ~460 to 7.6k
📩 Email subscribers from 27 to 1.4k
🔧 Iterated 4 times on my BIP course
💸 Online revenue from $0 to $10k
🤗 Happiness & fulfilment from 5 to 9

You'll see my revenue breakdown, Twitter growth breakdown, and all the key lessons and mistakes I had as a 1st year creator starting from zero.

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Did you also write an annual review? I'm a sucker for it so if you've published your learnings, I'd love to read it! Send me the link 😄


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