Hi, I’m Kevon

I spent my early career working in and running funded startups in kids coding education and software. Then, when my first daughter was born, I had to rethink how work and family fit in my life. That’s when I started building my own business.

I build products around “Build in Public” because it resonates with the life principles I stand by: honesty, transparency, and helpfulness. And it is also the exact approach I took to go from an absolute nobody to someone with a personal brand, a decent audience (8k Twitter followers and 1.5k email subscribers in 12 months), and business online.

I believe we’re living in a time where vulnerability and personality play the biggest part in our work.

Kevon is talking about his journey as a startup founder.
Kevon's work around Build in Public

I’m a product builder, instructor, and writer

Now I:

  • Run a course, Build in Public Mastery, to help entrepreneurs show their work publicly to build up their brand and superfan base
  • Wrote a book, Find Joy in Chaos, to help entrepreneurs build their Twitter presence so opportunities and connections come to them
  • Build digital products for creators & entrepreneurs
  • Write and share through Public Lab and my blog
  • Angel invest in companies in EdTech & Creator Economy
Kevon reading a book
Kevon's courses

This is also me

  • I'm mindful of conventional wisdom. When they're conventional, are they wisdom anymore?
  • I share way too much about my family online.
  • I don't mind building up something slowly. The slower, the sturdier.

I’m active on Twitter @MeetKevon (best way to reach me) or you can say hi at k@kevoncheung.com.

I'm happy to share

I occasionally share my thoughts over video chats, podcasts, or at live events. Click here to see more.

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