2016 Year in Review

By Kevon Cheung in


December 20, 2016

Always set goals, and always measure them. Here is a list of things I’ve done in the year of 2016.


I managed to read 26 books this year, that’s exactly 1 book every 2 weeks. I was hoping I could read more but there were too many things to work on at First Code Academy. My secret is carrying my Kindle everywhere with me when I know I will be waiting, flying, or having no Internet. I did not really have a theme for the year, I would say towards the end of the year, it became more focused on Leadership and Personal Growth.


Compared with a lot of jetsetters out there, I don’t think the list is even worth sharing. Anyway, I would like to travel more with purpose, say running an oversea half marathon.


Including this post, I wrote 5 blog posts this year, far from my initial plan to get 12 blog posts out the door. Definitely something to work on in 2017.

Public Speaking

I set myself a goal to take on a challenge of speaking in the public this year. It just so happened that WHub was hosting an event about “working at startup” and they invited me to be a panelist. It was my first ever public speaking gig and I was excited to share my startup experience with the audience.


After my 1st half marathon in 2014 in Singapore, I told myself that the next one would not be coming soon. 2 years later, I figured I needed some new challenges in my life, and so instead of joining another half marathon, I joined 2. With a training plan in mind, I ran regularly throughout the year and achieved a personal best of 2h4m at Angkor Wat Half Marathon, 4m behind my target yet still a major improvement. I’m thinking to sign up more half marathons in 2017, anyone?

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