Who Originated The Content?

By Kevon Cheung in


March 28, 2021

When I first became a content creator, I got frustrated sometimes.

The piece of content that I spent dozens of hours to create was taken by other people to recreate into their content.

In my mind, an upsetting voice could be heard "This is my content!"

But as months went by, I came to realize there isn't such thing such originality of content and I shouldn't care about it at all.

True originality is not important

Content comes from knowledge in our head, and knowledge comes from consuming and processing other knowledge.

If you pay attention to the content on the Internet, you'll find that a lot of ideas are inspired by similar content. Hardly anyone is creating a new piece of knowledge out of nowhere.

One idea inspires the next one. And one piece of content inspires the next piece of content.

This is just how knowledge works.

That's when I learned that no one possesses the true originality of content. I am not even the original creator of the content I create because to create it, I consume it somewhere else.

Of course, here I'm talking about the way knowledge flows and gets worked on. If someone is literally copying another person's content and make it their own, that's a different story.

What is important then?

And what makes a creator special?

To be an awesome creator, I want to inspire, educate, and create conversations for other people.

What matters more than the originality of the content are the thoughts and ideas I articulate, the consistent value I provide, the brand I create, the marketing channels I build, the authenticity I live by, etc.

To become a creator people love, I stand by these 3 things:

  1. I should have my own opinion. Ideas are everywhere, but I'm the only one with my own thoughts.
  2. I should be consistent in sharing value. One piece of content only plays a small part in helping the people around me. But if I zoom out, all my content combined can make a huge impact.
  3. I should be helpful. Creating content is just one part of the equation. If I want to create a  bonding with the people around me, developing relationships and helping them out would be my best way to offer value.

As I created more, I changed my perspective about content creation. I am now super excited when I can inspire someone to create a new piece of content.

I believe that's what a true creator should be like.

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